Logos and banners

All the project-related logos and web banners are available to download from below. If there is need for different kind of file formats and sizes, please contact Lead partner’s Project Planning Officer Anu Karreinen.

Click the links and downloading will start automatically. All packages contains print and screen versions of available logos.

Download links

All partners (Coming later)
Karelia ENPI CBC
Contemporary Old City – Enhancing Cultural Tourism across the Border
City of Joensuu
Karelia University of Applied Sciences
Kizhi State Open Air Museum
Petrozavodsk City Administration
University of Eastern Finland, Center for Tourism Studies
Karelia Expert Tourist Service Ltd
Institution of the Russian Academy of Science Karelian Research Centre of the RAS (Coming later)
Center of Cultural Initiatives
Karelian Regional Institute of Management, Economy and Law at PetrSU


Presentations from the workshop “More event visitors from russian tourists”, May 2013
“Maps, Apps and Other Tools” presentations

Promoting materials, Brochures, Flyers


Project’s general rollup and information rollup in Finnish, March 2013.


Project general flyer in English

Project general flyer in Russian

Project general flyer in Finnish


Brochure “Karelia series” in Finnish, January 2013

Project Conference Brochure in Finnish and in English, Spring 2014

Project results, Print version (fi)

Project results, Print version (rus)

Project results, Web version (fi)

Project results, Web version (rus)

Other materials

Annual Event Calendar, Joensuu

Image Gallery

Project group meeting in February 2013

Visit to Kizhi Island in May 2013

Workshop: More event visitors from Russian tourists, 14th of May 2013

European Cooperation Day in Joensuu on 25th September 2013

European Cooperation Day in Petrozavodsk on 27th September 2013

Project group meeting and international seminar on tourism development in Petrozavodsk on 14th – 15th of October 2013

International Conference “Cities by the Water: Images Real and Virtual” in Petrozavodsk on 20th and 21st February 2014

Press conference and opening ceremony of the exhibition “World of Kizhi” in Joensuu on 17th March 2014

International conference “Maps, Apps and Other Tools” in Joensuu on 18th March 2014

Visual Markers in Petrozavodsk, June 2014


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