City guide “Petrozavodsk. 10 dimensions” has been published

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The presentation ceremony of a Russian language tourist guide book about the capital of Karelia titled “Petrozavodsk. 10 dimensions” took place on the 3rd of September 2014 at the City Hall of Petrozavodsk within the international project “Contemporary Old City: Enhancing Cultural Tourism across the Border” (Karelia ENPI CBC Programme). The appearance of the information edition has become possible due to the great efforts of a large team of the specialists from the City Administration, experts in the branch of culture and history as well as simply concerned citizens of Petrozavodsk who have provided photographs and materials, including their personal archives.

Those who worked on the guide such as scientists and experts in history, culture and architecture, national cultures development as well as “Contemporary Old City: Enhancing Cultural Tourism across the Border” project partner organizations took part in the presentation ceremony.

The Mayor of Petrozavodsk Galina I. Shirshina opened the ceremony. She has marked the importance and value of the guide book as an information resource allowing to reveal all the tourist attractive sides of Petrozavodsk for tourists from Russia and abroad, and especially for the cross-border regions. According to the words of Vladimir P. Lobanov, one of the designers of “Petrozavodsk. 10 dimensions”, the guide book is the first information edition in a long time, which offers a reader such a colorful design and illustration, completeness and timeliness of the information.

In conclusion of the ceremony Natalia V. Lavrushina, Vice-Director for Public Relations and International Cooperation, Petrozavodsk City Administration, has assured the guests that in the nearest future English and Finnish language versions of the guide would see the light and has expressed gratitude to everybody involved in the work on the publication.

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