Visual markers to sign and guide to interesting objects in Petrozavodsk


In Petrozavodsk soon there will be installed the markers to sign the most interesting cultural objects.

Within implementation of the project «Contemporary old city: enhancing cultural tourism across the border» (The Karelia ENPI CBC Programme) the Center of cultural initiatives conducts work on creation of visual markers to sign the routes to the most interesting objects of Petrozavodsk. For this purpose in August-October, 2013 the contest for designers and artists was announced. The winner was S.A.Treshkin’s project. The designer Sergey Treshkin used various images associating with Karelia which gave names to five objects: “Petroglyph”, “Domes”, “Fish”, “Sparrow”, “Ship”.

Markers represent the art objects made of steel with information plates in two languages- Russian and English- with the list of interesting objects nearby. In the center of the art objects there is a stylized map of historical part of the city.

Now together with the City administration of Petrozavodsk five sites for installation of visual markers are defined: in Governor’s park, at Puppet theater (on the right), at the crossing of K. Marx Ave. and Pushkinskaya St., in the historical quarter, in front of the building of Administration of the Petrozavodsk.

The markers will be supplied with QR codes for mobile devices. Tourists from Russia and abroad will be able to get short information of the places of interest nearby, a map and more detailed information about 25 tourist objects in two languages. That will considerably facilitate navigation of tourists from Russia and foreign countries in Perozavodsk.

Center of cultural initiatives

Note: You can find more photos of designed visual markers form project’s material bank

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