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Each partner organization writes a blog text from in point of view of their role in the project.

Elaboration of the Strategy for Tourism Development in Petrozavodsk

Tourism has lately been developing actively in the Republic of Karelia. The region is a national leader in terms of tourist appeal. The republic attracts nature-lovers, pursuers of active, ecological, fishing and hunting tourism. The City of Petrozavodsk is the region’s economic centre, where many small- and medium-size enterprises are based. Some 20% of the […]

Mobile Guides – a New way to provide travel experiences

World is moving forward towards a more powerful leisure- and entertainment-centred social reality, where economic activity aiming at productization of experiences – so called experience industry – is becoming one of the most significant fields of activity. Being a part of the creative economy, experience industry introduces a totally new concept of productization based on […]

Visual markers to sign and guide to interesting objects in Petrozavodsk

In Petrozavodsk soon there will be installed the markers to sign the most interesting cultural objects. Within implementation of the project «Contemporary old city: enhancing cultural tourism across the border» (The Karelia ENPI CBC Programme) the Center of cultural initiatives conducts work on creation of visual markers to sign the routes to the most interesting […]

My two-month internship in the Contemporary Old City

I study tourism in Karelia University of Applied Sciences, and I did my third-year internship in the “Contemporary Old City: Enhancing cultural tourism across the border” project (Karelia ENPI CBC). I chose to do my internship in the project because I wanted some new experiences and my previous knowledge of working in the project was […]

Some aspects of the Development of Cultural Tourism

One of the very first activities of the Contemporary Old City Project in North Karelia, Finland was to make an inventory of cultural and historical sites in the region. Naturally, many already existing channels of touristic information were used as sources of information. Furthermore, some materials produced by regional authorities were utilised, too. For example, […]